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Cannes Lions 2022: NBC CEO Optimistic About Thriving Business and Future Prospects

Cannes Lions 2022: The global CEO of NBC stated that businesses are thriving, with no signs of an imminent downturn.

NBC global CEO, Jeff Shell, expressed optimism about the economy.

Julia Boorstin, the executive editor of CNBC, reported at the Cannes Lions Festival on Wednesday, saying, "There is a drumbeat in the market. There is no slowdown in itself."

The CEO mentioned that two leading economic indicators within NBCUniversal operations, namely theme parks and advertising, do not show any signals of heading towards a recession.

Shell mentioned that Universal Studios' theme parks, owned by NBCU, are turning into hotspots. He said, "Hotel bookings have exceeded the limit."

He also pointed out that the advertising sector appears to be more mixed in terms of performance.

Shell was in good spirits after a late night at the Medialink and iHeartMedia dinner at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on Tuesday.

He stated, "This is my first time at Cannes Lions. It fantastic. It feels like a party here. The advertising market looks very optimistic."

Shell also highlighted some positives for his company, including the ad-supported streaming service, Peacock, as well as a shorter theatrical window for movies.

During the pandemic, Universal Pictures, owned by NBCU, took the responsibility of reducing the time films spend in theaters before being released for streaming.

Prior to the pandemic, the window was 90 days. Now, it just 17 days for Universal Pictures, the studio behind franchises like "Fast & Furious," "Jurassic Park," and "Jason Bourne."

Although Peacock lagged behind veteran media giants like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max in streaming, Shell promoted the content of the TV service and movies, including diverse Bravo franchises like Real Housewives and Below Deck.

He concluded by saying, "Everything Andy Cohen touches turns to gold."

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