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The convergence point where the actions and investments of the United Arab Emirates merge with the vibrant scene of the French Riviera. Immerse yourself in this fusion of cultures and possibilities.

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The mission of Dubai-Media.tv

Dubai-Media.tv is a media who have the mission to facilitate understanding, collaboration, and fruitful exchanges between Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, highlighting their actions, investments, and opportunities in Europe, particularly on the French Riviera. The media aims to strengthen cultural, commercial, and economic ties by covering events, professional congresses, and initiatives in these regions, while fostering the sharing of information and knowledge for mutual enrichment.

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Why is Dubai-Media.tv often based in France, UK, Spain and Portugal?

Center for Events and Conferences:

The French Riviera is renowned for hosting significant international events, conferences, and congresses. Approximately 50% of major conferences and events in France take place on the French Riviera.

Influence Network:

The French Riviera draws a significant number of businesses, organizations, and influential personalities. Dubai-Media.tv can thereby establish connections with key players from both regions, contributing to its credibility and network.

Exchange of Opportunities:

Being based in Europe provides Dubai-Media.tv with the opportunity to facilitate the exchange of business, investment, and partnership opportunities between Emirati and European companies.

Cultural and Educational Collaborations:

France and the United Arab Emirates have established numerous collaborations in the cultural and educational fields. There are approximately 700 bilateral agreements between the two countries, fostering exchanges and partnerships.

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highlight past achievements and upcoming projects between United Arab Emirates and Europe

Dubai-Media.tv is dedicated to documenting significant projects and investments between Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe. We highlight past achievements, such as iconic hotel acquisitions and cultural partnerships, while closely monitoring upcoming projects that reflect the ongoing commitment of the United Arab Emirates to economic, cultural, and technological development in Europe.

Tour Cœur Défense 2 (1)

Coeur Defense


Actions, investments, or projects in the Film and Television Sector

by the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates have been actively involved in both the Venice Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, showcasing their commitment to the global film industry.

At the Venice Film Festival, the UAE has supported selected Arab films, fostering stronger cinematic connections between the Middle East and Europe. Simultaneously, the UAE's presence at the Cannes Film Festival has been marked by film promotions, backing Emirati filmmakers, and orchestrating events that enhance ties within the European film community. These initiatives reflect the UAE's dedication to advancing cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations in the world of cinema.

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# Mostra di Venezia
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# Cannes Film Festival
nice airport (1)

Nice-Côte d'Azur


Actions, investments, or projects in the Luxury Sector

by the United Arab Emirates

Emirati citizens and Dubai-based companies have acquired several luxury yachts and boats in Europe. These acquisitions reflect the interest of the United Arab Emirates in the high-end nautical market. For instance, the yacht Azzam, one of the world's largest private yachts, belongs to the Emirati royal family and was built in Germany. And Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are significant markets for European luxury cars. Several high-end automotive manufacturers, such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Lamborghini, have established notable presences in Dubai and sell their luxury vehicles to residents and visitors.

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# Jewelry
Accor Hotels Arena (1)



Actions, investments, or projects in the Technology Sector

by the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates have collaborated with the French company Schneider Electric to develop energy management and smart building solutions, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, the UAE carries out numerous investments in the tech sector. Indeed, Emirati investment funds have participated in funding French technological startups, particularly in fields such as artificial intelligence, digital health, and cybersecurity.

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# Mobile

Actions, investments, or projects in Real Estate Sector

by the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has acquired several iconic hotels in Europe. For instance, the Emirati group Jumeirah has purchased the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, the Tour Cœur Défense, an emblematic skyscraper located in the La Défense business district in Paris, and many more.

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# Business Dubai
# Event Real Estate
Festival de cannes 2023


Film Festival

Actions, investments, or projects in Duty Free Sector

by the United Arab Emirates

In 2018, the Emirates Group won the contract to manage the commercial operations and development of Terminal 2 at Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport. This includes overseeing the duty-free shopping areas within the terminal. Emirates thereby contributed to the expansion and modernization of commercial facilities, including the duty-free shopping zones. Furthermore, the United Arab Emirates has been involved in the development of new commercial and duty-free spaces in certain European airports, enhancing shopping options for travelers. 

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# Aéronautics
le yacht Azzam (1)



Actions, investments, or projects in the Festival, Music and Art Sector

by the United Arab Emirates

In 2019, Dubai-based promotion and events company Done Events entered into a partnership with AccorHotels Arena in Paris to promote concerts and events within the venue, thus enhancing cultural exchanges. And More, Dubai Fountain Show in Paris: Emaar, a Dubai-based real estate developer, showcased its globally renowned Dubai Fountain show in front of the Louvre Abu Dhabi to promote cultural ties between France and the United Arab Emirates.

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Technology (1)

Technological Partnership

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