You are currently viewing Egyptian developer Mountain View expands into Saudi Arabia with new partnership

Egyptian developer Mountain View expands into Saudi Arabia with new partnership

يتوسع المطور المصري “ماونتن فيو” إلى المملكة العربية السعودية بشراكة جديدة مع مجموعة سيسبان – مما يفتح باب التعاون الدولي في عصر جديد

Leading private Egyptian property developer, Mountain View, expands into Saudi Arabia with
Sisban Group partnership—ushering in a new era of international collaboration.

Cannes, France, 16 March 2023 – Mountain View, one of Egypt’s leading private property
developers, has succeeded in capturing investment in the Egyptian market through a strategic
partnership with Sisban Group. Mountain View and Sisban Group’s collaboration will form the basis
for expansion into KSA with a new experiential retail concept. The refreshed increase in investment
follows its partnership with Mountain View in 2015 to create Mountain View iCity. Once proven
further afield the concepts will be exported back into the domestic Egyptian market by Mountain
Speaking from MIPIM 2023, Founder & Chairman of Mountain View, Eng. Amr Soliman stated,
“Rekindling our partnership with Sisban hails a new chapter for Mountain View’s global business, and
an exciting opportunity to expand our presence into Saudi Arabia. Guided by the success of our
projects in Egypt, we are delighted to continue our collaboration with Sisban. Together we will realise
a new vision for truly experiential retail.”
Mountain View also hosted a panel at MIPIM 2023 in Cannes, France to discuss this venture further,
and offer more insights into its vision for experiential retail. Titled ‘Retail Clutter vs. A Retail
Experience: The new emerging concept in the region’, the discussion took place on Wednesday
March 15th at the Egypt Pavilion. The panel of experts was made up of Ahmed El Moursy, Chief
Happiness Officer; Robert Hanka, Chief Corporate Officer, Sisban; and James Wrenn, Executive
Director, Head of Capital Markets, Colliers MENA. Mountain View led the discussion, sharing its
vision for how property players can reimagine the retail experience to promote engagement and
boost consumer satisfaction and happiness.

Mountain View and Sisban: Continued collaboration for a new retail experience
Mountain View and Sisban Group’s collaboration initially begun in 2015, with the innovative
residential project Mountain View iCity, meaningful-living communities located in the heart of East
and West Cairo, Egypt. Each project covers 500 acres of land and includes quality residences for a
total of 15,000 families, ranging from large villas to apartments and penthouses. iCity boasts diverse
features and facilities that ensure there is something for everyone, whether it be outdoor spaces,
lush greens, tailor-made homes, or sports facilities. The development’s foundation concept is that of
4-Dimensional interface which separates roads and parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, and
residential parks. This unique approach gives all community members privacy and exclusivity, whilst
also enabling them to socialise and roam the city freely and safely.
In its attendance of MIPIM 2023 at the Egypt Pavilion—including hosting a panel with global experts

on retail—Mountain View hopes to continue exploring how developers can bring a more human-
centric approach to projects. With future plans to export its 4D iCity concept worldwide, Mountain

View aims to continue supporting the creation of more liveable destinations.