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Dubai on french riviera


The convergence point where the actions and investments of the United Arab Emirates merge with the vibrant scene of the French Riviera. Immerse yourself in this fusion of cultures and possibilities.

Presentation of new tv content Ready, Set, Start-Up !

The upcoming show will exhibit ten of the most promising early-stage entrepreneurs from Britain and Ireland, offering a new format that serves as the ultimate entrepreneurial showdown. Irish Judge Eamonn Carey, who is a former MD of Techstars, and Irish contestant Shalom Osiadi, founder of Esca Menu, will be featured in the program. They will compete in a series of high-stakes challenges designed to push their entrepreneurial limits, with the goal of securing a £100k investment into their businesses. Simon, who is excited about the show, said that it highlights the steps and challenges required to launch a startup business, offering ambitious young entrepreneurs the tools and guidance to make their businesses thrive. Each week, contestants will face a panel of expert judges and venture capitalists, including the founder of Monzo, Tom Blomfield, Eamonn Carey, Angelika Burawska, COO of SFC Capital, and Ying Wang, founder of Intellium Advisory.

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The show's unique twist on business reality TV formats involves the contestants being mentored every step of the way by a select group of successful business leaders, showing them how to approach real-world business challenges created for the show and how to run their own start-up businesses best. The winner will receive a £100k investment for their business, and the show is scheduled to air on Amazon Prime in May. In a previous interview, Simon Atkins shared his struggles with his faith, revealing that he had considered converting to Judaism after meeting his Jewish boyfriend Matthew. While his boyfriend's synagogue was open to same-sex marriage, Simon soon realized that other sects were not as tolerant. Some sects even attempt to convert gay men and force them to marry women.

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