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Young is Coming, Tale of Us Ignites Cannes Plages Électroniques with a Memorable Closing Performance

To conclude the 2023 edition of Cannes Plages Électroniques in grand style, the DJ duo Tale of Us mesmerized the ecstatic crowd of music enthusiasts on the Croisette beach. Carmine Conte, born in Toronto, Canada, and Matteo Milleri from New York, united their talents and shared their common passion for electronic music, delivering an extraordinary performance that will be etched in the memories of all who were present.

The evening commenced under the starry skies as the duo took their places behind the decks, ready to take the audience on an unparalleled sonic journey. From the first notes, the crowd was transported into a captivating musical realm, oscillating between mesmerizing techno beats and ethereal melodies, creating a magical ambiance on the beach.

The duo met in Italy during their studies of sound engineering in 2008. Since that fortuitous encounter, their musical collaboration has been marked by success and creativity. Tale of Us quickly conquered the international electronic music scene, becoming resident DJs at the iconic DC10 club in Ibiza. They also enraptured audiences at other renowned Ibiza clubs, such as Space and Amnesia, solidifying their status as leading figures in the global electronic music landscape.

Tale of Us is also known for their role in curating the programming at DC10, which has contributed to their international acclaim. The duo's distinctive style, combining elements of techno, progressive house, and trance, resonates with music lovers worldwide, attracting dedicated fanbases across the globe.

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In 2016, Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri launched their own label, Afterlife, with the critically acclaimed compilation "Realm of Consciousness," signaling a new chapter in their careers. Since then, they have continued to enrich their discography with remarkable musical releases, providing their audience with an immersive and captivating musical experience.

Their commitment to charitable projects is another significant aspect of their careers. In April 2020, Tale of Us released the compilation "Unity," comprising 31 tracks, with all profits donated to the emergency fund supporting medical personnel combating Covid-19 in Lombardy, Italy, an area severely affected by the pandemic.

In addition to their joint musical ventures, Tale of Us has pursued individual projects. On his 33rd birthday, Matteo Milleri announced his solo project under the alias "Anyma," a multidisciplinary endeavor combining music, technology, and digital art, with the release of the single "Angel," without neglecting his collaboration with Carmine. This project showcases their artistic versatility and commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

In January 2021, they released the second edition of their compilation: "Unity Pt. 2." The compilation consists of 25 tracks, maintaining their signature style that blends techno, progressive house, and trance, creating an entrancing atmosphere characteristic of their label.

In July 2022, they released the third edition of their compilation: "Unity Pt. 3." The proceeds from this compilation will be donated to two causes: UNICEF in Ukraine and Planned Parenthood, an organization that advocates for fundamental rights.

With their recent appearance at the illustrious Tomorrowland festival in 2022, Tale of Us continues to elevate the electronic music experience, captivating audiences and setting the bar high for future artists.

The closing performance at Cannes Plages Électroniques reaffirmed Tale of Us' position as trailblazers in the global electronic music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their audience and inspiring future generations of producers and music lovers.