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Dune: 5 good reasons to discover Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster on the big screen!

Barely landed in French cinemas, Dune has already taken up the challenge: the spectators are there, the fans approve of the adaptation, the ratings fly away, the critics are thrilled... If you are still looking for arguments to convince resistant, here are 5 good reasons to go see Dune at the cinema!

For the cast

There is at least one star in every Dune shot ! From Timothée Chalamet to Zendaya via Rebecca Ferguson , Jason Momoa , Dave Bautista and Javier Bardem , you couldn't miss the endless list of actors on the bill.

Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac in Dune

The most observant will also recognize Charlotte Rampling in the veil of the ominous Reverend Mother , Stellan Skarsgård in the impressive costume of Baron Harkonnen and even David Dastmalchian ( Polka Dot Man in The Suicide Squad ) in the guise of his mentat adviser, Piter de Vries .

To discover an adaptation faithful to the book

Dune , the literary saga initiated by Frank Herbert in 1965 , has inspired numerous versions and copies, among them Star Wars , whose creator George Lucas has always recognized the influence that the novel had on his work . From adaptation to adaptation, in cinema , in TV series and even in video games , the universe of Dune has offered various interpretations of its rich universe to several generations of fans without managing to get everyone to agree. With Dune , Denis Villeneuve delivers ascenario as close as possible to the book and a satisfactory vision by the spectators, whether or not they are familiar with the saga.

Lady Jessica and Paul with the Fremen

For special effects

Denis Villeneuve knew how to perfectly magnify the intimate scenes between the characters: the family life of the Atreides like the political councils are crushed neither by the green screens nor by unreal decorations. Conversely, the action and combat scenes, the most visually creative shots and the sequences where computer graphics are the majority seem as natural as the rest of the film .

Paul (Timothée Chalamet) chased by a sandworm 

No wonder Denis Villeneuve surrounded himself with visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert , winner of two Oscars for the VFX of First Man in 2018 and Blade Runner 2049 in 2019.

To live a unique cinema experience

From the first public screening at the 2021 Venice Film Festival , viewers left the room with one piece of advice : Dune is a movie to be seen on the big screen , an argument that Villeneuve and Chalamet in turn repeated during the promotion of the feature film. . From a technical point of view , the film was partly shot with IMAX cameras , which offer about a quarter of an image more , while its soundtrack was designed in collaboration with Dolby Atmos . Spectators therefore have the choice of the king to book their session in a premium roomand witness this great spectacle in all its glory.

Dune by Denis Villeneuve in the cinema

Because the press is unanimous

While the film was only released in Europe , critics are all (or almost) won over by Dune . The Rotten Tomatoes site already boasts a 90% appreciation score . On AlloCiné , the press review awards 4 stars out of 5 , while the public rating is 4.4!

The complete House of Atreides

For the FilmsActu site , Dune is quite simply "a miraculous success " . According to Le Parisien , it is "a masterpiece of futuristic science fiction , but which also speaks of today's world" . Le Figaro points out that it is a majestic fresco of ecological anticipation" . To conclude, it was the Journal du Dimanche that found the best formula: a spectacular and intimate author's blockbuster " . A hell of a compliment!

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