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Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas: gives voice to Julien Rappeneau’s film

A Hymn to friendship

The Treasure of Little Nicolas hits theaters on October 20, 2021.In this new opus dedicated to the famous schoolboy so popular with readers, the boy will do everythingto prevent his parents from moving. He can obviously count on the help of his band, Alceste, Agnan and Clotaire in the lead. To celebrate their complicity at the heart of Julien Rappeneau's film,the French artist -M-, Matthieu Chedid of his full name, resumes for the occasion a real ode to friendship: the title Les Copains d'Abord by Georges Brassens .

In a joyful clip, the singer sings the famous song surrounded by the young actors of the feature film Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas , starting with Ilan Debrabant , who plays Nicolas on the screen. In the cinema, the boy is accompanied by Jean-Paul Rouve in the role of Dad, Audrey Lamy in Mom, as well as Pierre Arditi in the guise of Moucheboume. Around them, we also find Grégory Gadebois, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Adeline d'Hermy .

Are you ready to discover this new adventure of the character born from the imagination of the writer René Goscinny and illustrated by the designer Jean-Jacques Sempé ? While waiting to discover the film on the big screen, listen now to Les Copains d'Abord sung by -M- in streaming !

Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas by Julien Rappeneau, on October 20, 2021 at the cinema.

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