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Jeanne Vaubernier, a working-class girl eager to climb the social ladder, uses her charms to escape her condition. Her lover, Count Du Barry, who amasses wealth through Jeanne's lucrative affairs, wishes to introduce her to the King. He arranges the meeting through the influential Duke of Richelieu. It surpasses their expectations: between Louis XV and Jeanne, it's love at first sight...

With the courtesan, the King rediscovers the joy of living - to the point that he can no longer be without her and decides to make her his official favorite. Scandal ensues: nobody wants a street girl at Court.

Maïwenn's sixth feature film, the fourth in official selection, takes a unique turn as it opens the Festival out of competition. This new cinematic venture by the French filmmaker explores the 18th century, the Age of Enlightenment, marking a historic shift in her cinematic portfolio. Following successes such as "Polisse," which earned her the Jury Prize in 2011, "My King" (2015), awarded the Best Actress prize for Emmanuelle Bercot, and her exploration of Algerian roots in "DNA" alongside Fanny Ardant in 2020, Maïwenn offers us an epic plunge into the flamboyant destiny of Jeanne du Barry.

The film, titled "Jeanne du Barry," was shot in 35mm, primarily at the Palace of Versailles on Mondays, a day typically closed to the public. It highlights the extraordinary trajectory of a commoner who becomes the favorite of King Louis XV. A social ascent of exceptional proportions whose tragedy will unfold years after the monarch's death.

Maïwenn wears multiple hats in this production as a screenwriter, director, and lead actress, donning the bodice of Jeanne du Barry. A bold and symbolic choice that adds a personal dimension to the work. She shares the screen with Johnny Depp, the renowned American actor, to whom she entrusts the role of the King of France. For Depp, who already possesses a solid understanding of French, this role involves pre-working to perfect his pronunciation in the language of Molière.

The remarkable cast also includes Benjamin Lavernhe of the Comédie-Française in the role of La Borde, the colorful Valet de chambre to the king. Melvil Poupaud portrays the Count du Barry, Jeanne's husband, while Pierre Richard and Pascal Greggory play prominent supporting roles as the Dukes of Richelieu and Aiguillon. The young India Hair, on the other hand, takes on the role of Adelaide, the king's daughter.

The music, always at the heart of Maïwenn's films, is composed by Stephen Warbeck, the composer of the soundtracks for "Polisse," "My King," and "DNA." Classical music, deliberately dissociable from the film, acts in contrast with the images, drawing inspiration from Maïwenn's absolute model, "Barry Lyndon."

In summary, "Jeanne du Barry" emerges as a cinematic project of significant proportions, combining the aesthetics of the 18th century with a talented cast and an experienced artistic team, promising a captivating visual and narrative experience for audiences. This film undoubtedly marks a significant milestone in Maïwenn's cinematic journey, exploring new eras while continuing to unveil the complexity of human relationships through her unique artistic lens.


✨ Directed by: MAÏWENN 📅 Year of production: 2023 🌍 Country: France ⏱️ Duration: 116 minutes 📅 Release date: 16.05.2023

🎥 CREDITS 🎬 MAÏWENN - Director 📝 MAÏWENN - Screenplay / Dialogue 📝 TEDDY LUSSI-MODESTE - Screenplay / Dialogue 📝 NICOLAS LIVECCHI - Screenplay / Dialogue 📷 LAURENT DAILLAND - Cinematography 🎨 ANGELO ZAMPARUTTI - Production Design 🎵 STEPHEN WARBECK - Music 🔊 NICOLAS PROVOST - Sound 🎞️ LAURE GARDETTE - Editing 🔊 ANNE GIBOURG - Sound 🔊 GRÉGOIRE CHAUVOT - Sound 🔊 KATIA BOUTIN - Sound 🔊 ERIC TISSERAND - Sound 🔊 MATTHIEU TERTOIS - Sound

👥 CASTING 🌟 MAÏWENN - Jeanne Du Barry 🌟 JOHNNY DEPP - Louis XV 🌟 BENJAMIN LAVERNHE - La Borde 🌟 PIERRE RICHARD - Duke of Richelieu 🌟 MELVIL POUPAUD - Count Du Barry 🌟 PASCAL GREGGORY - Duke d'Aiguillon 🌟 INDIA HAIR - Adélaïde 🌟 SUZANNE DE BAECQUE - Victoire 🌟 CAPUCINE VALMARY - Louise 🌟 DIEGO LE FUR - The Dauphin 🌟 MICHA LESCOT - Mercy 🌟 NOEMIE LVOVSKY - Countess de Noailles 🌟 LAURA LE VELLY - Sophie 🌟 MARIANNE BASLER - Anne 🌟 ROBIN RENUCCI - Monsieur Dumousseaux 🌟 PATRICK D'ASSUMÇAO - Choiseul

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Article written by Nizzar H.

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