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Film in Competition for the Palme d’Or :VERS UN AVENIR RADIEUX

Through his work, the Italian filmmaker criticizes streaming platforms and their economic model, particularly emphasizing flaws in a sequence where Giovanni meets Netflix producers. Nanni Moretti expresses his dismay at the submission of many directors to the streaming system, lamenting standardized formats and "what the fuck" scenarios.

Beyond his advocacy stance, Nanni Moretti's sixteenth feature film offers a personal dimension, highlighting a ubiquitous, sometimes intrusive character that reflects the director's egocentrism with humor and without subtlety.

"Toward a Radiant Future" oscillates between melancholy and joy without ever sinking into sadness. The bond between the protagonists of the couple persists through their shared passion, evoking moments of doubt but also of lightness, strengthened by elegant final scenes that leave the viewer with a refreshing sensation.

"Towards a Radiant Future," Nanni Moretti's sixteenth cinematic opus, competes for the prestigious Palme d'Or at Cannes. This autobiographical work marks the filmmaker's return to the Cannes stage, exploring his affection for the seventh art tinged with a certain melancholy.

Unveiled at Cannes twenty-two years after his triumph with "The Son's Room," Nanni Moretti's new film, titled "Towards a Radiant Future," offers a mise-en-abyme steeped in nostalgia about cinema, political commitment, and the changing world. The Italian director, known for his philosophical discourses and distinctive approach to filmmaking, transposes his cinematic perspective into this unprecedented work.

Giovanni, portrayed by Nanni Moretti in the film, is a renowned Italian director filming a movie about the Italian Communist Party after the war. The narrative unfolds amidst unexpected obstacles such as the bankruptcy of his French producer, the departure of his partner after forty years of shared life, and the romantic choices of his daughter. Giovanni undergoes an existential crisis, seeking happiness on both personal and professional fronts.

Released in Italy, the film highlights a director's passion grappling with contemporary work methods that no longer align with his ideals. References to films and personalities that inspired Nanni Moretti abound, expressing his love for a bygone era symbolized by the Vespa rather than the electric scooter.


This film is presented in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

In "Vers un Avenir Radieux," renowned Italian filmmaker Giovanni is preparing to shoot his new film. However, with his troubled relationship, a French producer on the brink of bankruptcy, and a daughter who seems to be drifting away, everything appears to be working against him. Walking a tightrope, Giovanni must rethink his approach if he wants to lead his little world towards a radiant future.

Nanni Moretti takes on the role of Giovanni, bringing his talent and depth to the character. Margherita Buy portrays Paola, Giovanni's partner, capturing the complexities of their crumbling relationship. Silvio Orlando adds depth and charisma as Ennio, the struggling French producer, while Barbora Bobulova portrays Vera, a character who adds another layer of complexity to Giovanni's world.

Directed by Nanni Moretti, "Vers un Avenir Radieux" combines elements of comedy, drama, and satire. With its compelling narrative and exceptional performances, the film explores the challenges faced by an artist, the intricacies of relationships, and the pursuit of a brighter future.

Article written by Nizzar H.

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