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Youssef Chebbi: The Promise of an Emerging Talent in Tunisian Cinema

Born in Tunisia in 1984, Youssef Chebbi is a filmmaker who has stood out for his talent and creativity in the field of cinema. After studying the arts, he quickly made an impact by directing two captivating short films titled "Vers le nord" and "Les Profondeurs." These works were recognized and selected in prestigious international festivals, marking the promising beginnings of his career.

In 2012, Youssef Chebbi collaborated with other directors to co-direct the documentary "Babylon." This bold project was awarded the Jury Prize at FIDMarseille, one of the most renowned film festivals in France. Additionally, the film was also presented at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), one of the most prestigious contemporary art museums in the world. This international recognition confirmed Chebbi's talent and unique artistic vision.

However, it was with his first feature film, titled "Ashkal," that Youssef Chebbi truly made an impact. This captivating and poignant film explores deep and universal themes while immersing viewers in a distinctive visual and narrative atmosphere. "Ashkal" offers an introspective reflection on the human condition, cultural identities, and contemporary social realities in Tunisia.

The feature film "Ashkal" was praised by critics for its skillful direction, remarkable performances, and captivating screenplay. Youssef Chebbi succeeded in creating a cinematic work that transcends borders and resonates with audiences through its emotional depth and authentic portrayal of Tunisian society.

Thanks to his remarkable work and dedication to cinema, Youssef Chebbi has become a prominent figure in the Tunisian film scene. His artistic talent, passion for storytelling, and sensitivity have contributed to making him one of the most promising directors of his generation.

Youssef Chebbi |ASHKAL| Tunisia is an inspiring example of the vitality and potential of Tunisian cinema. Through his bold creativity and exploration of profound subjects, Chebbi continues to enrich the cinematic landscape of Tunisia and captivate international audiences. We eagerly await his upcoming projects, which will undoubtedly further establish his growing reputation as a talented and visionary filmmaker.

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