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The Enigmatic Photocall of ‘Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)’ at Cannes 2023

A Captivating Moment: Photocall for "Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)" by Asmae El Moudir

Cannes, France - The 2023 Cannes International Film Festival showcased a mesmerizing photocall for the thought-provoking film "Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)" directed by the talented Asmae El Moudir. The film's presence in the official selection, under the "Un Certain Regard" category, drew attention from cinephiles and industry professionals alike.

The photocall provided a captivating glimpse into the world of "Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)." Asmae El Moudir, known for her unique storytelling and powerful narratives, presented a film that delves deep into complex themes and challenges societal norms.

The backdrop of the photocall radiated an aura of intrigue, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of the film. Asmae El Moudir's creative vision and directorial finesse showcased her ability to bring forth compelling stories that resonate with audiences.


"Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)" takes viewers on a compelling journey, unraveling the layers of truth and deception within relationships and society. Asmae El Moudir's masterful direction and the exceptional performances of the cast promise an immersive cinematic experience that will provoke introspection.

During the photocall, the film's cast and crew exuded passion and dedication to their craft. Their commitment to bringing the story to life was evident in their captivating presence, leaving a lasting impression on those in attendance.

Cameras flashed, capturing the essence of the moment and immortalizing the collective spirit of the film. Media personnel, film enthusiasts, and festival attendees eagerly anticipated the release of "Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)" and the opportunity to engage with its thought-provoking narrative.


Asmae El Moudir expressed gratitude for the selection of her film in the official competition at Cannes. She emphasized the importance of storytelling as a means to challenge conventions and ignite meaningful conversations about society and human nature.

As the photocall concluded, the cast and crew of "Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)" left a lasting impression, leaving the audience eager to experience the film's powerful narrative on the big screen.

"Experience the captivating journey of 'Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies)' through our mesmerizing photocall. Stay tuned for the film's release and prepare to be immersed in Asmae El Moudir's thought-provoking storytelling."

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Article written by Nizzar H.

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