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Dubaï News Talent Lee Jong-suk Esteemed South Korean Actor Applauds Dubai as the City of the Future in UAE Fan Gathering

Dubaï News Talent Lee Jong-suk Esteemed South Korean Actor Applauds Dubai as the City of the Future in UAE Fan Gathering

A fortuitous weekend unfolded for fervent admirers of South Korean luminary Lee Jong-suk in Dubai. The K-drama icon, renowned for his roles in acclaimed series such as "Big Mouth," "Romance is a Bonus Book," and "W-Two Worlds Apart," embarked on a special journey to the emirate to connect with his ardent followers.

Witnesses eagerly took to social media platforms to disseminate videos capturing Jong-suk presence at the Dubai International Airport and during the fan meet event.

Upon his arrival in Dubai, the 33-year-old actor, donning an impeccable suit, promptly shared an Instagram story featuring the iconic Burj Khalifa on a Saturday. Expressing gratitude to his fans for their warm reception both at the airport and the fan meet, Jong-suk was genuinely touched by their dedication, some even voyaging from distant lands to join him in Dubai.

He earnestly shared, "Seeing all of you is truly heartwarming. Thank you immensely for your presence and the warm welcome extended to me at the airport…" during Saturday gathering.

When queried about the name "Dear My With" chosen for the fan meeting, he elucidated, "In letters, we often start with 'dear' and employ other endearing expressions. I aspire to experience those sentiments alongside all of you, which prompted me to christen this fan meet 'Dear My With.'"

While immersed in the fan meet, Jong-suk was posed with the question of his impressions about Dubai, to which he responded, "I perceive Dubai as the city of the future. The nocturnal skyline is truly captivating. Though I endeavored to stroll through the night, the warmth proved intense."

Expressing his yearning to witness the Burj Khalifa, he enthusiastically shared, "I laid eyes upon it as soon as I arrived. I've been informed about the captivating spectacle of the Dubai Fountain, and I'm eager to witness it." True to his word, he later captured the fountain magic and shared it on his Instagram account.

Such was his attachment to Dubai that Jong-suk immediately shared an image with his mother upon arrival, declaring, "I'm determined to bring my mother to Dubai. Undoubtedly, I shall return as a wanderer," resonating with his role in "While You Were Sleeping."

Reflecting on past lead roles, he revealed his fondness for the character Park Soo-ha in the legal drama "I Can Hear Your Voice," stating, "I'm enveloped in cherished memories from that drama."

Jong-suk candidly unveiled his present pursuit, channeling his energy into health and fitness, emphasizing, "Entering my thirties, I'm emphasizing weight training. Hence, I'm dedicating substantial effort to my workouts."

While future projects were not divulged, he assured his fans of expedited filming processes to minimize their waiting time.

Subsequently, he transformed his attire to serenade and dance for his devoted followers.

Born in Seoul, South Korea capital, in 1989, Jong-suk commenced his career as a teenage model. His foray into television commenced with the series "Prosecutor Princess," where he initially embraced a supporting role.

Having debuted with the short film "Sympathy" in 2005, the model-turned-award-winning-actor swiftly ascended. Notably, he gained prominence through "School 2013," a 2012 South Korean TV series addressing issues such as bullying and school violence. This performance culminated in his inaugural acting accolade, the KBS Drama Award for Best Actor.

Successively, Jong-suk career soared, with roles in "Doctor Stranger," "Pinocchio," and notable film appearances like "Hot Young Bloods" and "The Face Reader."

His remarkable achievements encompass prestigious awards such as the "Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award" and the "Korea Drama Award."

In 2013, he ranked fifth in the esteemed Gallup Korea survey, "Actors Who Lit Up 2013," an accolade revered within the South Korean entertainment sphere.

Jong-suk also stands tall among the Hallyu stars, a distinguished quartet featuring Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Min-ho, and Kim Woo-bin.

Having ventured from YG Entertainment to founding his own agency in collaboration with YNK Entertainment and presently under High Zium Studio, Jong-suk journey continues to unfold.

A brief hiatus for military service in 2019 culminated in his resumption of K-drama pursuits. His portrayal as Park Chang-ho in "Big Mouth" garnered him the Grand Prize at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards.

As of December 31, 2022, Jong-suk romantic involvement with K-pop luminary IU was unveiled, adding a new chapter to his story.

Jong-suk affectionately confessed, "Dubai had long occupied a spot on my bucket list." Subsequently, he ventured to The Dubai Fountain, encapsulating the essence of his experience in captivating Instagram posts.

Notably, some fortunate fans captured glimpses of the star as he embarked on his journey home from Dubai, sharing these cherished moments on various platforms.

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