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Dubaï News Real Estate: The Smash Room Unveils New Branch in Abu Dhabi

The Smash Room Unveils New Branch in Abu Dhabi

A novel concept for releasing pent-up emotions has found its way to the UAE capital, as The Smash Room inaugurates its Abu Dhabi branch. This unique establishment offers residents and visitors a space to let off steam and unleash their frustration by smashing a variety of items. Nestled in the Nahil Building on Al Rawdah Street W58, The Smash Room Abu Dhabi is open daily from 12:00 to 23:00.

Each room within the premises is thoughtfully soundproofed, enabling patrons to vociferously express themselves while breaking a diverse array of objects. The therapeutic destruction roster includes washing machines, televisions, printers, plates, glasses, and more.

An intriguing aspect is the commitment to sustainability. All shattered items are subsequently sent for recycling, effectively translating stress relief into a contribution to the environment and a reduction in waste. Notably, over 70,000 electronics and 500,000 pieces of glass have already been repurposed through this initiative.

Before embarking on their cathartic session, guests undergo a mandatory safety briefing and are equipped with helmets, gloves, and the weapon of their choice—ranging from a crowbar and sledgehammer to a cricket bat or baseball bat.

The Smash Room envisions itself as a safe haven where individuals can effectively channel their frustration, anger, or stress in a controlled environment. Furthermore, The Smash Room Abu Dhabi offers visitors the opportunity to unwind in a cozy café and engage in a variety of slot machine games.

It worth recalling that the inaugural establishment, The Smash Room Dubai, opened its doors in 2018 with the aim of providing the people of Dubai a therapeutic outlet to relax and destress.

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