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MIPJunior Industry Showcase: SAÏD & ANNA Series Premiere and Panel

MIPJunior Industry Showcase: SAÏD & ANNA Series Premiere and Panel

Grand Theatre Saturday, 14th Oct 16:15 - 16:45

In a world where innovative content is the lifeblood of the entertainment industry, MIPJunior is excited to present an exclusive Industry Showcase featuring the premiere screening of the new live-action preschool series, SAÏD & ANNA. Incredible Film, in collaboration with Phanta Basta! and Indi Film, brings this fresh and engaging series to the global stage.

An International Co-production:

SAÏD & ANNA is a testament to the power of collaboration, as it represents an international co-production involving three prominent public broadcasters: EO / NPO Zappelin from the Netherlands, SWR / Kika from Germany, and VRT / Ketnet from Belgium, in conjunction with Indi Film. This cross-border synergy ensures the creation of original, high-quality content designed to captivate young audiences with international appeal.

The World of SAÏD & ANNA:

The series revolves around the heartwarming friendship between Saïd, aged 6, and Anna, aged 7, who spend their days in a repair shop owned by Saïd's parents. Beyond the mechanical tinkering, this dynamic duo embarks on adventures that offer solutions to their everyday challenges in creative and collaborative ways. Their experiences serve as a source of inspiration for young viewers, encouraging them to navigate their own problems with resourcefulness.

Key Themes for a Modern Audience:

SAÏD & ANNA is more than just an entertaining series; it also incorporates essential themes relevant to the contemporary world. The show instills values of sustainability by showcasing the value of pre-loved items and the significance of preserving the environment through sustainable repairs. Moreover, the series encourages inclusivity, teaching young audiences the importance of embracing diversity in their worldview.

Incredible Film, with a commitment to delivering top-quality content to young audiences worldwide, presents SAÏD & ANNA as part of its repertoire with global appeal. The show's fusion of creativity and social responsibility makes it a valuable addition to the world of children's programming.

Meet the Panelists:

  • Annemie Gulickx: Channel Manager/Head of Kids, Ketnet VRT
  • Robert Fortuijn: Head of Kids Programming, NPO
  • Harro van Staverden: Producer, Phanta Basta!
  • Eveline Groeneveld: Head of Children's Programming, EO
  • Justine Bannister: Founder & Creative Facilitator, Justine B
  • Danielle Raaphorst: CEO, Incredible Film

The panelists bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of children's media and content creation. Their collective knowledge and insights are sure to shed light on the unique journey of bringing SAÏD & ANNA to life.

This Industry Showcase promises to be an exceptional event that explores the magic of storytelling, the power of collaboration across borders, and the ability to inspire young minds with important life values. Don't miss this special premiere and panel discussion on October 14th at the Grand Theatre. It's a must-see event for anyone interested in the future of children's content and its role in shaping young generations.

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