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BIPA and AGU Discuss Strengthening Collaboration

BIPA and AGU Discuss Strengthening Collaboration

Dr. Shaikha Rana bint Isa bin Duaij Al Khalifa, Director-General of the Institute of Public Administration (BIPD), recently held a meeting with Dr. Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid, President of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU).

During their meeting, the two parties explored avenues to enhance cooperation between BIPA and AGU, fostering an effective partnership to implement several academic programs. They also discussed the development of strategic plans and projects aimed at empowering and training AGU's administrative and academic staff. The ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of academic performance at AGU.

Dr. Shaikha Rana reaffirmed BIPA's unwavering support for AGU's programs and projects, commending AGU for its remarkable accomplishments over the past four decades.

Dr. Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid emphasized the deep-rooted relationship between AGU and BIPA, highlighting their collaboration in the exchange of knowledge and expertise across various fields. He also stressed the significance of further strengthening bilateral cooperation in research, training, and development areas.

It is important to note that AGU previously signed a memorandum of understanding with BIPA, solidifying their commitment to expanding cooperation in training, consultations, human resources development, and academic studies. This collaboration also includes the exchange of expertise.

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