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Industry and Commerce Minister Meets Chinese Counterpart for Bilateral Talks

Industry and Commerce Minister Meets Chinese Counterpart for Bilateral Talks

During an official visit to China, Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Bahrain, engaged in productive discussions with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Wentao, who holds the position of Minister of Commerce in China.

The primary objective of this significant meeting was to bolster the already strong economic ties between Bahrain and China and to explore new avenues for investment and trade expansion. The two ministers emphasized the importance of fostering cooperation to serve the best interests of both nations and their respective populations.

Minister Fakhro expressed his admiration for the remarkable growth in the relationship between Bahrain and China, underlining the pivotal role that continued bilateral collaboration plays in advancing their common goals. He acknowledged the substantial achievements in the commercial sector, attributing these successes to regular visits and constructive discussions that have occurred between the two nations. Furthermore, Minister Fakhro highlighted the extensive range of opportunities available for future collaboration in the commercial and industrial domains, which are poised to bring mutual benefits.

The Chinese Minister, in response, reaffirmed China's eagerness to strengthen cooperation, particularly in the field of commerce. He emphasized the importance of nurturing mutual understanding and coordination between the two countries, as these factors are essential for the sustained growth of their economic ties. The commitment to furthering cooperation was underscored, reflecting the shared commitment of Bahrain and China to maximize the potential for growth in their economic relationship.

Both ministers expressed their optimism for the future and their determination to work closely to solidify and expand their commercial and trade links. Their discussions represent another significant step towards the continued strengthening of diplomatic and economic ties between Bahrain and China.

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