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In the presence of Nahyan bin Mubarak and the President of East Timor, the National Fund Signs Four Memoranda of Understanding with National Institutions

In the presence of Nahyan bin Mubarak and the President of East Timor, the National Fund Signs Four Memoranda of Understanding with National Institutions

Abu Dhabi, October 17 /  His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and Chairman of the National Fund, witnessed the signing of four Memoranda of Understanding between the Fund and the Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Emirates Council for Balanced Development, the Emirates Academy for Identity and Citizenship, and the University of Sharjah, in the presence of His Excellency Jose Ramos-Horta, President of the Democratic Republic of East Timor.

The four memoranda focus on enhancing cooperation between the National Fund and the signing institutions to achieve their common goals in caring for and supporting the sons and daughters of the UAE, empowering them for entrepreneurship, enhancing innovation and creativity, and reinforcing national identity values. All parties agreed to make every possible effort to ensure a better future for the youth of the Emirates.

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan stated after signing the memoranda of understanding, "We are all striving to mobilize all efforts to achieve the goals and vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, in nurturing and empowering the youth for the job market, enhancing their capabilities for entrepreneurship, innovation, and reinforcing our national identity."

He further added that this day marks a significant milestone in the history of the National Fund, as it witnesses the signing of memoranda of understanding to provide all the necessary conditions for fruitful collaboration with institutions of the scale of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Emirates Council for Balanced Development, the Emirates Academy for Identity and Citizenship, and the University of Sharjah. He commended their roles in caring for the youth of the UAE and emphasized that cooperation with them will open new horizons for the National Fund to develop its activities, services, and initiatives, and enhance its role in empowering the sons and daughters of the UAE in various fields.

He noted that creating an environment conducive to collaboration and partnership with federal, local, and private institutions aims to activate all initiatives and programs that prepare graduates for private sector jobs, develop entrepreneurial skills in various areas, and assist citizens in successfully establishing their own businesses. This collaboration also aims to deepen communication and dialogue among all societal institutions and contribute to empowering Emirati citizens, in addition to reinforcing the national identity values among all segments of society, a role entrusted to everyone.

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak emphasized that the work of the National Fund primarily focuses on achieving close cooperation with all societal institutions to ensure the utilization of all capabilities. The Fund seeks to be a significant link between the sons and daughters of the nation, the ministries, authorities, schools, universities, the private sector, and civil society institutions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the work of all.

He praised the efforts of all National Fund partners, both those who signed memoranda of understanding today and those who have worked alongside the Fund in numerous projects and programs. He confirmed that this collaboration reflects the great trust of these institutions and ministries in the message of the Fund and its programs and initiatives. Their eagerness to provide all the conditions for the success of its mission will enhance its position in the nation's development journey.

On this occasion, His Excellency Salem bin Khaled Al Qasimi, Minister of Culture and Youth, stated that this agreement serves to strengthen the ties that bind the ministry and the National Fund and opens the way to continue efforts to improve the joint work between both parties. It also contributes to fostering the culture of innovation and creativity, in addition to instilling national identity values and encouraging further efforts to develop developmental plans and strategies for the enhancement of local communities, promoting the employment of national talent in the private sector, and investing in their abilities and skills across different sectors.

He further added that the ministry will support the efforts and activities undertaken by the Fund to achieve comprehensive development goals that enhance the standing of our country, which has made significant progress in promoting joint government work. They are also committed to achieving the desired development goals and keeping up with strategies aimed at enhancing and contributing to the development of society through mutual collaboration and learning from experiences and exchanging them, as well as providing opportunities for national cadres to demonstrate their active role in the community's development journey.

Professor Dr. Maamar Baalbaki, Deputy Director of the University of Sharjah for Research and Graduate Studies, stated that the University of Sharjah seeks to strengthen cooperation with all national institutions in the UAE in various fields, especially research, given the university's significant capabilities. Hence, the cooperation with the National Fund is initiated through the signing of an agreement that outlines the areas of collaboration in supporting and nurturing research projects of priority in the UAE, noting that the National Fund is a leading and supportive institution in various fields.

He said that the memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, signed by Mubarak Al-Nakhi, the ministry's undersecretary, and Yasser Al-Qarqawi, the fund's general manager, focuses on enhancing partnership and collaboration by concentrating on various activities in areas where both parties share common interests. These activities include conferences, forums, different programs, assistance, and overseeing the execution of programs and projects provided by the National Fund and the Ministry of Culture and Youth in various areas, including programs to strengthen and promote national identity values, community innovation and entrepreneurship, development and development of local communities, promoting and encouraging the employment of citizens in the private sector, and volunteering.

He added, "The infrastructure for scientific research at the University of Sharjah has developed significantly in the past seven years, with 175 research and educational laboratories, more than 80 research groups, and more than 10 distinguished research and studies centers. Additionally, international cooperation with prestigious global universities and investment in scientific research through over 3000 postgraduate students at the university have contributed to the university's attainment of advanced global rankings."

These memoranda of understanding represent a vital step in fostering collaboration, promoting national identity, and nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship, and skills among the youth of the UAE. It reinforces the commitment of these institutions to the shared mission of the National Fund in empowering the future leaders of the nation and contributing to its continued growth and development.

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