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Atlantis Dubai Supports 9 Local and Global Projects for Sustainability and Environmental Preservation

Atlantis Dubai Supports 9 Local and Global Projects for Sustainability and Environmental Preservation

Dubai, Atlantis Dubai has announced the selection of nine local and global projects aimed at promoting sustainability and preserving the ocean and the environment. These projects are set to receive funding from the Atlantis "Atlas" project's one-dollar contribution initiative.

Atlantis Dubai contributed one US dollar for every guest who booked any marine animal interaction experience from June 2022 to May 2023, resulting in the establishment of a $140,000 fund dedicated to supporting projects focusing on sustainability and environmental preservation. Additionally, Atlantis Dubai contributed $120,000 during the initiative's first year.

Organizations from around the world were invited to apply for financial support since April, and proposals were evaluated based on their contributions to scientific progress, ocean and environmental preservation, and sustainability enhancement by Atlantis' in-house Environmental and Science Committee.

The current focus of the "Atlas" project at Atlantis Dubai centers around four main wildlife groups: sharks, marine turtles, dolphins, and coral reefs. It also addresses two significant challenges facing the oceans: unsustainable fishing practices and plastic waste pollution.

This year saw a partnership between Atlantis and the Emirates Environmental Group, as well as the "Planting for Our UAE" campaign. The financial support will help strengthen the bond between individuals and the environment through reforestation programs, educational workshops, and community engagement initiatives.

The first year of funding will be allocated to the Fujairah Research Center to support research that provides critical insights into local species and biodiversity in the Oman Gulf using advanced environmental DNA techniques. Another year of funding, in collaboration with the University of the United Arab Emirates, supports a study on two endangered elasmobranch species in regional waters.

In addition to these initiatives, Atlantis Dubai is supporting the UAE Dolphin Project, which conducts local surveys on dolphins in Dubai. This collaborative effort with Zayed University and renowned researcher Dr. Ada Natalie utilizes boats to monitor marine life and collect detailed data on local dolphin populations.

Furthermore, funding will continue to support the "Cigarette Butt Collection" campaign launched by Goumbook, a leading social organization in the UAE. The campaign aims to collect cigarette butts scattered on beaches and public areas, utilizing the principles of the circular economy to recycle waste into more valuable materials. It also supports the Program Manager of the Shark Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Kelly Timmins, Director of Marine Animals and Sustainability Operations at Atlantis Dubai, emphasized that strengthening collaboration with current and new partners supports environmental and ocean preservation efforts for the second consecutive year. The one-dollar contribution initiative allows them to continue supporting local and international communities and organizations in making a tangible positive impact on local and global conservation and sustainability efforts.

Tim Kelly, Deputy CEO and Chief Administrative Officer of Atlantis Dubai Resorts, noted that the announcement of the second group of nine outstanding projects supported by the one-dollar contribution initiative is a testament to their commitment to creative practices and innovative solutions aimed at preserving the environment and the oceans.

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