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Dubai News Fashion Week: Showcasing Designers, Models, and Catwalk Glamour

Dubai Fashion Week 2023: Showcasing Designers, Models, and Catwalk Glamour

Dubai fashion scene is set to ignite as the highly anticipated Dubai Fashion Week makes its debut on the catwalks of Dubai Design District (d3), in collaboration with the Arab Fashion Council (AFC). This inaugural event promises to establish itself as a defining fixture in the fashion calendar of the region.

Taking place from March 10 to 15, the first edition of Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) will introduce fresh spaces and venues for captivating catwalk shows. With a focus on both global fashion brands and regional talents, DFW aims to solidify Dubai reputation as a global fashion capital and a reference point for the entire industry.

DFW builds on the legacy of the successful Arab Fashion Week and is expected to attract international designers, buyers, models, and fashion enthusiasts to the UAE, right after Paris Fashion Week, to witness the unveiling of the Autumn Winter 2023/24 collections.

Emphasizing the commitment of the TECOM Group to position Dubai as a prominent global creative hub, DFW further enhances the city stature as a focal point for business growth and investment.

Khadija Al Bastaki, Senior Vice President of d3, highlighted that the official DFW marks a significant milestone in the region fashion journey, building upon the success of Arab Fashion Week. She underlined that the event not only celebrates Dubai growing influence as a global fashion capital but also brings together international brands and experts from across the globe to converge at d3.

Recognized as a hub for the region creative talent, d3 stands as a beacon of vision, ambition, and innovation, propelling the impact and global reach of creatives.

Jacob Abrian, CEO of the Arab Fashion Council, expressed his optimism that Dubai will shine alongside its global counterparts as one of the world leading fashion capitals.

To commemorate the inaugural DFW and bolster Dubai status as a global fashion destination, several exciting initiatives are set to launch during the week. These include the establishment of a steering committee for DFW, a buyers committee, and a permanent designers committee. These committees will work under the guidance of the Arab Fashion Council, ensuring that DFW ambitious goals and vision are realized while steering the event future in a sustainable manner.

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