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Dubaï News Talent: Unveiling the K-Drama Glam: A Glimpse into Korean Stars’ Makeup Magic

Unveiling the K-Drama Glam: A Glimpse into Korean Stars' Makeup Magic

Longing for that impeccably flawless makeup sported by your beloved K-drama actresses? The ethereal, dewy allure that graces their skin seems elusive, but fear not, for the secrets behind their radiant beauty are here to be unveiled. Korean stars are renowned for their luminous makeup, a seemingly unattainable feat. But how do they attain it?

Two quintessential secrets lie at the heart of Korean makeup artistry: skincare and hydration. Yuri Kim, a Korean beauty influencer based in the UAE, illuminated these principles during a beauty workshop at the Korean Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi. Drawing from her role as a flight attendant, Kim emphasized that Korean makeup is centered around accentuating natural features while cultivating a healthy, luminous complexion.

The essence of Korean makeup lies in the use of lightweight, comfortable products that refrain from overwhelming pigmentation. Yet, the first crucial step to achieving this elevated look begins with daily skincare. The devotion you see in Korean stars as they incorporate skincare sheet masks even during their travels is the key. Kim explicates that nurturing skin health naturally begets that coveted radiant glow. "Using nourishing sheet masks twice a week is the ideal regimen," she affirmed.

Directly preceding makeup application lies another vital facet: adequate hydration. Kim asserts, "Ensure your skin is properly hydrated."

The Journey to a K-Beauty Look Unfolded:

  1. Initiate by cleansing your skin with a cleanser or makeup wipe.
  2. Delicately apply a nourishing serum, using your fingertips to gently pat it into your skin.
  3. Enrich your skin with a hydrating moisturizer, extending it to your face, jawline, and under-eye areas—a pivotal step for achieving the coveted dewy effect. Kim advises leaving a 30-second interval between toner, serum, and moisturizer application, facilitating optimal absorption.
  4. A light-tinted sunscreen follows, with more emphasis on areas you wish to highlight.
  5. Embrace the cushion foundation; ensure the shade aligns with your skin tone. Apply with gentle tapping motions, gradually increasing coverage as desired. Kim underscores the importance of tapping, not sweeping, the cushion across your skin.
  6. Conquer blemishes or areas needing illumination with concealer. Set your foundation with a light powder.
  7. The eye makeup symphony commences with a base shade—choosing from the palette lightest peach or pink hues. Employ a brush to apply it across both upper and lower eyelids.
  8. Elevate the drama with a soft pink or peach hue as a 'point color,' adorning the lower half of your eyelid and seamlessly blending it. Echo this on the lower eyelids.
  9. Engage a light brown hue, nestling it in the outer corners of your eyes. Skillfully blend inwards. Repeat on the lower lids.
  10. Transition to a deeper brown eyeshadow, defining the 'outer V' of your eyelids. Extend it under your lower lashline, towards the outer extremity.
  11. Utilize the cushion for blending and erasing any fallout—crucial for cultivating a natural look.
  12. Illuminate your lower lash line and inner eye corners with a white or light eye pencil.

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