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Dubaï News Talent: Championing Excellence: Dubai Sports Model Awards Celebrate Winners
Championing Excellence: Dubai Sports Model Awards Celebrate Winners Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council (DSC), the luminaries of the sports world gathered at the opulent Madinat Jumeirah to celebrate the triumphs of the ninth edition of the Dubai Sports Excellence Model awards. The illustrious event witnessed the felicitation of outstanding figures and entities that have sculpted the landscape of sports in Dubai. Notable among them was HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, acknowledged for his exceptional contributions across various leadership roles, including Deputy President and Board Chairman of Al Nasr Club, as well as President of the UAE National Olympic Committee for two successive terms. HE Khalifa Saeed Sulaiman, instrumental in the successes of Shabab Al Ahli Club in the preceding sports season, was lauded with honor. The accolade was accepted by his sons, Mohammed Khalifa Saeed Sulaiman and Sultan Khalifa Saeed Sulaiman. In a ceremony radiating prestige and achievement, other esteemed recipients ascended the podium:
  • Shabab Al Ahli clinched the title of Best Sports Club in the Dubai Sports Excellence Model awards.
  • Shabab Al-Ahli Co. claimed the crown for Best Football Company.
  • Dubai Club for People of Determination, their prowess celebrated, emerged as the Best Special Sports Club.
Additional laudations encompassed:
  • The Dubai International Club for People of Determination, celebrated for corporate performance.
  • Shabab Al-Ahli Club, acknowledged for financial performance.
  • Al Nasr Club, their innovative efforts rewarded with the Best Investment Initiative.
  • Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Co., acclaimed as the Best Company for talent sponsorship.
Special Awards were conferred upon Hatta Club, Dubai International Marine Club, and Ahmed Shah, luminaries who have etched their names in the annals of sporting accomplishment. In a gesture embodying gratitude and recognition, HH Sheikh Mansoor honored Dubai sports clubs and athletes for their extraordinary achievements over the past two sports seasons. The awards were meticulously chosen based on the Dubai Sports Excellence Model rigorous criteria. The ceremony encapsulated a deep respect for the burgeoning talents as well. The Best Emerging Football Player title was bestowed upon Gaith Abdulla, while Hassan Ibrahim Al Shaba claimed the accolade for Best Emerging Player in Team Games. Salim Ghalib Ghanim was celebrated as the Best Emerging Player in Individual Games. In a testament to empowerment, Aisha Al-Mutaiwe clinched the title of Best Emerging Female Player in the category of people of determination. This illustrious gathering also extended its appreciation to sports pioneers, illuminating their steadfast commitment and contributions to the industry. Among the recognized luminaries were Yousuf Al Serkal, Ibrahim Mohammed Al Bannai, Dr. Mohammed Sulman Hamdoon, Ali Al Sayed Ibrahim, Mohammed Khamis Al-Suwaidi, Ahmed Khursheed Al-Mattawa, and Khalifa Abdulla Hareb. Their legacies, entrenched in dedication and achievement, stand as beacons inspiring the generations to come

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