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Dubai News Talent: Dubai Police Empowers Prisoners with Culinary Skills Training

Dubai Police Empowers Prisoners with Culinary Skills Training

Dubai Police has launched an innovative initiative aimed at equipping prisoners with valuable professional skills. Inmates are given the opportunity to master the art of cooking and gain fundamental knowledge about restaurant operations. The primary objective of this initiative is to facilitate the seamless reintegration of prisoners into society upon their release.

Approximately 30 individuals from various nationalities are currently undergoing training as part of this program, which was initiated two months ago.

The training approach is customized to accommodate the linguistic backgrounds of each participant. Upon completing the course, each prisoner will be presented with a certificate that qualifies them for employment in restaurants participating in the program. Notably, a recipe book featuring dishes mastered by the prisoners during their training has already been published.

The training is organized in multiple stages, encompassing theoretical instruction and practical application. Essential topics covered include health, safety, and hygiene, with hands-on lessons in safe handling of cutting tools. The primary focus is to ensure the well-being of all participants involved in the training process.

During a press briefing on the 'Culinary Initiative for Prisoners', Dubai Police officials highlighted that this project is just one component of a series of activities designed to benefit prisoners.

Beyond culinary training, there are other engaging programs available for inmates, including sports activities in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council.

The introduction of this initiative provides tangible support to prisoners and aims to foster a tolerant and prosperous society. Through skill development, Dubai Police seeks to contribute to the successful reintegration of prisoners into the community and promote a positive social impact.

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