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Dubaï News Talent: Penelope Cruz Enchanting Association with Emirates

Dubaï News Talent: Penelope Cruz Enchanting Association with Emirates

Emirates Airlines has unveiled its latest advertising campaign and brand ambassador for the 2023 summer season – none other than the Oscar-winning actress and philanthropist, Penelope Cruz. Aboard the iconic Emirates A380 aircraft, Penelope shares her heartfelt affinity for Emirates in exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, setting the stage for her role as the new face of the airline.

Scheduled for global broadcast from June 2023, the new TV ad will captivate audiences in both English and Penelope native Spanish. The short commercials feature Penelope Cruz immersing herself in the luxurious experiences of Emirates' first and business class offerings, effortlessly embodying the airline iconic motto, "Fly Better."

From enjoying signature drinks in the Onboard Lounge of the A380 to luxuriating in 12,000-meter-high showers, engaging in live football match coverage, and relishing premium caviar, Penelope journey encapsulates Emirates' commitment to unparalleled comfort. The adverts also showcase Penelope in the refined spaciousness of Emirates' new premium economy class, highlighting her seamless interaction with the Emirates crew in various languages.

Penelope Cruz on-screen voyage unveils the immersive entertainment possibilities offered by Emirates' in-flight entertainment system, ice, showcased on the industry largest 32-inch LCD full HD screens. The actress takes charge of her personal cabin temperature using a dedicated device, gazes out the plane window with innovative binoculars, and slips into her Emirates moisturizing pajamas to embrace a well-deserved rest on her fully reclining bed.

These captivating TV spots were meticulously directed and edited by Robert Stromberg, a two-time Oscar-winning Hollywood director. The adverts are set to grace TV news channels across numerous countries, in addition to Emirates' digital platforms. Stay tuned for further enthralling narratives unfolding throughout the year.

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