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Dubai News Industry: Disney+ Unveils Ad-Supported Subscription Plans for EMEA Region

Disney+ Unveils Ad-Supported Subscription Plans for EMEA Region

Disney+ has made an intriguing announcement, revealing plans to introduce ad-supported subscription options in specific markets within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) later this year.

However, the streaming giant recently disclosed a substantial setback, reporting a staggering loss of 12.5 million paid Disney+ subscribers in the third quarter of 2023. This dip in membership numbers marks the most significant decline since April 2020.

In response to this decline, Walt Disney Co. CEO, Bob Iger, unveiled a comprehensive strategic plan targeting international markets. The initiative includes price hikes and the introduction of a new subscription plan, "Standard," in addition to the option of "Standard with ads" in chosen EMEA markets and Canada. Presently, a Disney+ subscription in the UAE costs AED 29.99 per month. However, the newly announced ad-supported plans are set to begin at 24.1 dirhams (€5.99 or $6.58) per month in EMEA and $7.99 per month in Canada.

Subscribers in eligible markets who are currently part of the Premium tier will remain ad-free as their subscription price increases in December. They have the option to switch to one of the new, lower-priced plans. Starting from November 1, the ad-supported, Standard, and Premium plans will offer access to the extensive Disney+ content library and essential features, including substantial content from Hulu. The impact of this move on the Middle East is yet to be determined.

Iger also shared that the company intends to address the issue of password sharing, a step similar to that taken by streaming giant Netflix earlier this year.

“We’re actively exploring ways to address account sharing and the best options for paying subscribers to share their accounts with friends and family,” Iger explained. He added that strategies for enhancing monetization will be introduced sometime in 2024.

The Q3 results disclosed a significant $512 million loss within Disney streaming division.

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