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NHRA CEO Attends Arab Medicines Regulatory Authorities Meeting

NHRA CEO Attends Arab Medicines Regulatory Authorities Meeting

Dr. Mariam Athbi Al Jalahma, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), was a participant in the Arab Authorities Controlling Medicines meeting at the Arab League's invitation.

During the meeting, the CEO reiterated the Kingdom's strong commitment to implementing the highest standards to ensure the safety and quality of pharmaceuticals and medical preparations.

The discussions revolved around the processes involved in registering pharmaceutical products and monitoring their safety, effectiveness, and quality post-market, emphasizing the need to enhance the capacities of national regulatory bodies through global benchmarking by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Additionally, the meeting addressed the most significant regulations put forth by the Technical Committee and their impact on drug control in the Arab region.

A consensus was reached to develop a comprehensive guide covering pharmacovigilance, principles, and practices in clinical research, as well as a guide for the emergency use of medications.

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