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HEC Secretary-General Welcomes Delegation from Ahlia University

HEC Secretary-General Welcomes Delegation from Ahlia University

In a recent meeting, Dr. Diana Abdulkareem Al Jahrami, the Secretary-General of the Higher Education Council (HEC), played host to a delegation from Ahlia University. Present at this significant gathering were Dr. Abdulla Yousif Al Hawaj, Assistant Secretary-General of HEC, Dr. Mansoor Al Aali, President of Ahlia University, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Ahlia University.

The primary focus of the meeting was to provide the HEC Secretary-General with comprehensive insights into the future plans of Ahlia University. This included an in-depth discussion of their ambitious project to establish a new campus, as well as their forward-thinking programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of the labor market.

During the course of the meeting, Dr. Al Hawaj expressed profound gratitude to the Higher Education Council for its steadfast support of higher education institutions. The unwavering commitment of the HEC has been instrumental in empowering these institutions to fulfill their educational duties to the utmost.

This collaborative effort between the HEC and Ahlia University signifies a dedicated commitment to advancing higher education and aligning it with the demands of a rapidly changing job market. The exchange of knowledge and ideas between these institutions holds the potential to benefit both students and the broader community by equipping them with the skills and expertise required to excel in the modern world. Such partnerships are pivotal in ensuring the continued growth and excellence of educational institutions like Ahlia University.

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