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BCCI, Industry Ministry Joint Economic Committee Holds 41st Meeting

BCCI, Industry Ministry Joint Economic Committee Holds 41st Meeting

The 41st meeting of the Joint Economic Committee, comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), was convened.

The meeting was presided over by Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, and Sameer Nass, the Chairman of BCCI. Notable senior officials and committee members from both sides were in attendance.

Minister Fakhro emphasized that these meetings of the Joint Economic Committee align with the Ministry commitment to collaborate, coordinate, and consult with the Chamber on shared concerns and issues.

Furthermore, Fakhro conveyed the ministry's strong commitment to backing all developmental initiatives within Bahrain's economic sector. He underscored the significance of aligning efforts with the Chamber, which serves as the principal representative of the private sector within the Kingdom. This collaboration aims to fulfill collective ambitions and enrich Bahrain's commercial and investment landscape.

The meeting encompassed discussions on the meeting's agenda and reviewed matters from the previous committee session.

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