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G42 Launches New Cloud and AI Solutions Entity, ‘Core 42,’ in Dubai”

G42 Launches New Cloud and AI Solutions Entity, 'Core 42,' in Dubai"

Dubai, On the sidelines of GITEX Global 2023, G42 announced the formation of a dynamic new entity called "Core 42," aimed at providing national-level enterprise cloud solutions and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Core 42, born out of the amalgamation of "G42 Cloud," "Inception Institute," and "Achievements," the three companies within the G42 group's portfolio, will play a pivotal role in the current technological landscape by offering a comprehensive platform capable of realizing the digital transformation agenda for the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it will spearhead efforts to export information technology and communication innovations to institutions and governments worldwide.

This new entity will combine cutting-edge technology, innovation, and services within a unique framework that includes customizable cloud solutions, cloud infrastructure for artificial intelligence, high-performance computing tailored to the public and regulated sectors, advanced applied research in artificial intelligence and its implementation. It will focus on enabling generative artificial intelligence for enterprise applications across various sectors and governmental institutions. Additionally, Core 42 will provide cybersecurity services to protect organizations from data breaches and cyberattacks, deliver professional and managed services, system integration, enable digital transformation, and offer exceptional solutions with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Peng Xiao, the CEO of the G42 group, stated, "Governments and major institutions in our current era are turning to technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to help address the most significant challenges. However, traditional technological solutions face numerous obstacles that hinder their ability to evolve and handle the complexities and requirements of major issues. Therefore, through Core 42, we aim to integrate the best technological solutions, innovations, and services from all the companies within the G42 portfolio to establish a leading company with the necessary capabilities and potential to achieve national-level digital transformation. Core 42 will work to empower our customers in both the public and private sectors with a range of customizable cloud and generative artificial intelligence solutions, developed and hosted in the Middle East and North Africa region, enhancing their ability to achieve their most ambitious strategic goals."

On the other hand, Kirill Evtimov, CEO of Core 42, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "I am excited to lead Core 42 as we realign the capabilities of the leading G42 group in cloud, artificial intelligence, and services with the new era requirements of generative artificial intelligence. Our goal is to enable our clients to benefit from it fully. We also plan to leverage our position as a reference entity in sovereign cloud to transform into a leading provider of national and global enterprise cloud services."

The establishment of Core 42 marks a significant step in the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud solutions and artificial intelligence, promising innovative and adaptable approaches to meet the demands of modern organizations and governments, not only in the UAE but on a global scale.

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